Food Democracy

Food Democracy

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This book explores the links between food and democracy. It addresses how democratic principles can be used to shape our food system and takes a practical a€˜how-toa€™ approach to using democratic processes to regain control of the food we eat. It also highlights what food democracy looks like on the ground and how individuals, communities and societies can be empowered to access, cook and eat healthy food in ways that are sustainable. Food democracy, as a concept, is a social movement based on the idea that people can and should be able to actively participate in shaping the food system rather than being passive spectators. The book is useful for university and advanced TAFE courses that cover topics examining food in health sciences, social sciences and other areas of study. It is also relevant to health practitioners, nutritionists, food advocates, policy makers and others with a keen interest in exploring an alternative to the industrial food system known as a€œBig Food.a€Shelves are restocked nightly, and consumers are lured with attractive end-of- aisle displays, encouraging persuasive ... Food is big business; indeed, in his essay on food democracy and the future of American values, Hamilton (2004) usesanbsp;...

Title:Food Democracy
Author:Sue Booth, John Coveney
Publisher:Springer - 2015-02-19


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