Fool Me Once...Final Resolution

Fool Me Once...Final Resolution

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In the first sequel, Rebecca contemplates how to end her twenty year loveless marriage to her greedy, controlling, abusive, womanizing, but extremely wealthy husband, Marcus. Marcus, also desiring to free himself from his marriage contract, decides killing his estranged wife instead of divorcing her is a more lucrative option. Therefore, he hires a hit man, Big Al, to murder Rebecca however his attempt is unsuccessful and Marcus refuses to pay him. Consequently, Big Al, determined to collect his money, breaks into Marcusa€™ mansion and robs, mutilates, brutally assaults him, and then dumps his lifeless body in the Mexican desert. After an extensive search by the Mexican Federal Police, remains of an American male matching Marcusa€™ description are found and he is presumed dead. During an unexpected confrontation between Rebecca, Big Al, and Big Ala€™s younger crack head brother, David, Rebecca is forced to shoot and kill Big Al. David, determined to atone for his brothera€™s death, becomes Rebeccaa€™s constant tormentor. As the saga continues in this novel, Rebecca, believing Marcus is now deceased and she and her two children are finally free from his abuse, attempts to settle his estate and move on with her life. After putting Marcusa€™ lavish mansion up for sale, via an estate auction, she moves into a new home and while unpacking her belongings, remembers a key she found hidden in Marcusa€™ bedroom at the mansion. Rebecca discovers that the key is to a storage unit and what she finds stashed in Marcusa€™ secret storage unit is a shocking surprise. In the final sequel, Rebeccaa€™s world comes crashing down when she discovers that the remains found in the Mexican desert were not Marcusa€™ and that he has returned toAtlantato reclaim his fortune and seek revenge. Follow the adventures of the returning cast of characters, particularly the villains, Marcus and David, in this unforgettable shock and awe climax.Before leaving Atlanta, Rebecca texted Marcus Jr. to touch base with him at Harvard and it was consoling to hear that all was well with him at school. She also contacted Dawn by telephone to discuss why the sudden cell phone number change and was baffled when Dawn relayed that for ... straight she had received disturbing calls from a party who did not speak and who had a blocked phone number.

Title:Fool Me Once...Final Resolution
Author:Mary Burton King
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2012-10-25


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