For Sale by Owners

For Sale by Owners

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Each owns their life, the long-haul trucker, a savoir-faire real estate agent, the corrupt sheriff, a serial rapist, and the young wife left alone to sell her home. They are all qFSBOsq, For Sale By Owners, attempting to sell themselves and others on what they want to believe. As a serial rapist preys upon the vulnerable, news media and police fail to disclose that the rape victims are all For Sale By Owners. A female real estate agent is found dead. A male agent is missing. Behind the scenes forces are at play impacting the lives of both the innocent and the guilty. Red Haring, a long-haul trucker with a penchant for singing, song writing, and a dog-named Mercy, team up with savvy real estate agent, Brooklyn Best, in an attempt to unravel the mystery. Shadowy worlds surrounding the moving business, government housing, drugs, prostitution, real estate, organized crime, and the trucking industry, are illuminated. Can a naive pregnant waitress, the young deputy, women abused, or an uneducated thief, fight the foes of darkness to learn the lessons of life? All, so involved in their own twisted lives, must make right choices or suffer the consequences.Red Haring Trucking, Inc., he used his tractor to pull their trailers. He wore their crisp blue uniform jacket, blue pinstriped shirt, a BIG tiea€”scenic pictures and moving vansa€”when moving peoplea#39;s family cargo. Reda#39;s traveling companion was aanbsp;...

Title:For Sale by Owners
Author:Russ Miles
Publisher:iUniverse - 2003-10-01


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