For the Love of Hatred

For the Love of Hatred

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Jason is not himself lately: basal urges, casual encounters, late nights! Life has hardened his heart, and he cana€™t seem to escape the tragedies of his past. He knows what triggered the disconcerting changes, but he feels powerless to stop the de-evolution process. Fortunately, Todd a€“ Jasona€™s best friend since childhood a€“ feels differently. Todd wona€™t accept acquiescence. He refuses to watch Jason spiral downward and is determined to set things back on track. Little does he know, however, there are other players deeply involved in the scenario: unlikely friends, unsuspecting strangers, and sinister foes working for and against his valiant efforts. Come! Join Jason, Todd, Greg, and Elizabeth as they unwittingly join forces to triumph over violence, defying all odds to iron out an inequitable wrinkle in fate. Follow them through a twisted adventure that will keep your heart and mind racing right up to the thrilling climactic conclusion that is both surprising and intense. See how the lives of these ordinary people are forever changed as the tangible and the metaphysical collide to make right a destiny gone horribly wrong.Ia#39;llbein before11:00.a€ a€œOK. Becareful. See you later tonight!a€ With that, Jason was on his way. It was 9:20 PM. ************************* Headlight beams reflectedoff ofthe post office windows, as a black Jeep Wrangler pulled into the parking lot.

Title:For the Love of Hatred
Author:Gregory Alan
Publisher:iUniverse - 2000-07-26


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