For The Love of Service

For The Love of Service

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From the age of 20 she felt her life had progressed as it all looked positive when she met Gino. He took this shy girl and shattered her life for a short time. Fortunately she met people who led her into their lifestyle which, while controlling, gave her the necessary lead in life she required. She joins an airline and becomes a Cabin Crew member and as the saying goes, it was a€˜feet in the air but knees togethera€™. For flying duties she had to be based in Sydney but retained close links to her new found family in Perth. Her overseas fl ights enabled her to keep up to date with fashion trends but it also led her to meet new people who were very infl uential in business and on her. Mr Trott man made her the face of Cali Jeans in the USA along with Linda her new found friend. Through Mr Trott man she meets a Royal Prince who leads her into a totally diff erent world in the Middle East. Singapore throws up a lifestyle of completely new dimensions which she gets involved in for probably all for the wrong reasons. Her fashion design work and modelling create a whole new world for her but Jutt ee continues to sing the words of the U2 song, a€œI still havena€™t found what I am looking for.a€... it was Singapore where I asked the reporter to leave His function and for him to seek an appointment to see HRH on official business. ... Being the find of California Fashion Week was an event in itself. ... HRHa#39;s marriage proposal to me was in some ways expected but I never could work out how I was going to handle it.

Title:For The Love of Service
Author:Juttee Armiss
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2014-05-07


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