Forty-Eight X

Forty-Eight X

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qA colonel with a shadowy past . . . A new kind of war and warrior . . . A military science experiment out of control . . . On the tropical island of Diego Garcia in the middle of the Indian Ocean, the United States has gathered together its most talented scientists to conduct top secret experiments. Their goala€”to create a revolutionary new warrior. A warrior so strong, so valiant, so expendable that the age of a€œcasualties of wara€ becomes only a sad and distant memory. And so, the Lemuria Project is brought to lifea€”by a Nobel laureate in genetics and a three-star general seeking redemption in a long-lost and forgotten metaphysical civilization. Haunted by a dark and dangerous past, Colonel Link McGraw is the officer chosen to train and lead these special a€œsoldiers.a€ In the course of battles to renew his tattered reputation, he, above all, knows what constitutes the perfect soldier. Ita€™s simple: Follow orders, command decisively, make no excuses, and have no regrets. When Egyptian beauty Fala al-Shohada and Israeli Joshua Krantz, romantically paired archaeologists, stumble across the top secret project, they are determined to uncover its true nature and pursue their quest to the island of Diego Garcia. Science and politics clash, as do Krantz and McGraw, who vie for Falaa€™s affection. When they discover they arena€™t the only ones on the island competing for her attention, shocking truths are revealed. The future of the entire human race comes to a crossroads on Lemuria. Will humanity find there its loftier spirit or become a lesser species in eartha€™s evolution? - See more at:;A colonel with a shadowy past .

Title:Forty-Eight X
Author:Barry Pollack
Publisher:Medallion Media Group - 2009-12-01


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