Four Tubas, a Guitar, and a Gallery of Cheerleaders

Four Tubas, a Guitar, and a Gallery of Cheerleaders

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Four Tubas, a Guitar, and a Gallery of Cheerleaders is about my growth, maturity, and life journeys that interconnected me with people who encouraged, motivated, and criticized my steps with love, compassion, and care. Readers will get a glimpse of my sojourn as a person and an inside look at the importance of good mentor relationships in the development of a young African-American (Black) man, with a desire to earn a Ph.D. My broader goal is to inspire others to look more closely at their own lives and take time to honor those, who have made a difference. This book is written as a way to say thanks and serves to connect my life through their impact. The backdrop of my journey will be lessons learned and how my successes were encouraged, while my limitations were addressed with constructive criticism, kindness, and unconditional love. I chose Four Tubas a Guitar and a Gallery of Cheerleaders, as part of the principal title, to signify my musical background and its impact on my life. One of the primary bonds for several of my mentors was that we all studied and played the same instrument, the tuba, which in my opinion is the greatest instrument in the world. The second part of the principal title, A Gallery of Cheerleaders, symbolizes the encouragement I received over the years from my biggest fans and support network. My cheerleaders consisted of people from all walks of life and experiences. The subtitle Transition in the Life of a Black Ph.D. is self-explanatory, as is my usual writing style, but describes my experiences as an African-American man in pursuit of higher education and my share of the American Dream.I wanted to know what 1 made on the first Biochemistry exam. ... Both classes used an essay question format, which has always been one of my academic weaknesses, every since I studied in Dr. Fitzpatricka#39;s Botany and Microbiology coursesanbsp;...

Title:Four Tubas, a Guitar, and a Gallery of Cheerleaders
Author:Sederick C. Rice
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2010-10


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