Frauds Against the Elderly

Frauds Against the Elderly

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Fraud committed against the elderly has reached epidemic proportions, and the problem will only worsen as a large segment of the American population approaches retirement age. This book explores the disturbing rise in these offenses--crimes aimed at a vulnerable segment of society that is often unable to overcome the consequences--with an eye towards helping seniors protect themselves. This handbook first defines fraud, then discusses why the elderly are targeted, the growing scope of the problem, and why these crimes often go unreported or unsolved. The second section clearly explains 28 of the most common types of fraud--including home improvement scams, health frauds, identity theft and magazine sales--in a manner that allows readers to recognize and avoid the predatory actions of others (whether strangers, friends, or even family members). The third section provides a list of resources and actions to take and for those who believe themselves to be the victim of fraud. The book also contains a list of related acronyms, an index and a bibliography.Do not be discouraged from giving others a helping hand, but be cautious and take care to make sure that the organization ... Credit Cards Senior Citizens and Credit Card Fraud There are three primary types of fraud involving credit cards that can ... In a recent survey of these senior bankruptcy filers, the number one reason cited for filing bankruptcy was loss of jobs, followed by medical debt problems.

Title:Frauds Against the Elderly
Author:Charles C. Sharpe
Publisher:McFarland - 2004-04-06


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