Freaks, Geeks, and Cool Kids

Freaks, Geeks, and Cool Kids

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In this timely and insightful book, award-winning sociologist Murray Milner tries to understand why teenagers behave the way they do. Drawing upon two years of intensive fieldwork in one high school and 300 written interviews about high schools across the country, he argues that consumer culture has greatly impacted the way our youth relate to one another and understand themselves and society. He also suggests that the status systems in high schools are in and of themselves an important contributing factor to the creation and maintenance of consumer capitalism explaining the importance of designer jeans and designer drugs in an effort to be the coolest kid in the class.It needs to be kept in mind that this essay focuses on a holiday that historically has centered on a genuine expression of ... and middle-income countries, 25 percent are below the World Bank poverty line of earning less than $1.08 per day .

Title:Freaks, Geeks, and Cool Kids
Author:Murray Milner Jr.
Publisher:Routledge - 2013-04-15


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