Freddie Foreman - The Godfather of British Crime

Freddie Foreman - The Godfather of British Crime

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To Britaina€™s criminal underworld, Freddie Foreman is the Godfather. Held responsible for the gangland killings of Ginger Marks and Frank a€˜The Mad Axemana€™ Mitchell, he was the punisher to those who broke the underworlda€™s strict code of conduct. Foremana€™s dramatic kidnap and arrest for Britaina€™s biggest cash robbery made headlines around the world, yet this daring raid was just the peak of a safe-blowing, bank-robbing career that spanned decades. His story is a fascinating, yet chilling account of life as a freelance enforcer for the Kray twins, and as Londona€™s most feared gangster. Bloodshed aside, Freddiea€™s often humorous stories reveal a caring man who believes that violence is a last resort and who always treated people with respect. Revealed in these pages are the amazing details of the heists, the double crossings, the shoot-outs and the betrayals that accompanied life as a career criminal when the streets were controlled by fear. Exposed are the audacious plans behind the centurya€™s most famous crimes, the damning evidence of police corruption and the eye-opening events that gave Freddie this most revered reputation. a€™The most blood-curdling gangster memoir youa€™ll ever reada€™ a€“ The News of the Worldme at the Prince of Wales. But really he should have been an interior designer. I asked Ronnie King, ... Time isa great healer a€“as was proved when they finally caughtup withmeover the Southampton job. I was nickedat an illegalspiel inanbsp;...

Title:Freddie Foreman - The Godfather of British Crime
Author:Freddie Foreman
Publisher:John Blake Publishing - 2009-01-05


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