Freeing Emotions and Energy Through Myofascial Release

Freeing Emotions and Energy Through Myofascial Release

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Too many of us hold our physical, mental and emotional pain within our bodies, where it slows energy, manifests as tension and can have a damaging impact upon our health. In his new book, Noah Karrasch shows that wellbeing and healing come from the detangling of blocked emotions and the restoration of the free flow of energy through the body. Written for bodywork and manual therapy practitioners from a wide variety of disciplines, as well as other healers who want to expand their skills, this generously illustrated book explains how and where emotions and static energy are held in the body, and how they can be released and rebalanced in therapies that challenge bodymindcore awareness. It includes many new ideas and techniques: useful conversation starters to help practitioners encourage clients to self-identify their challenges, detailed explanations of myofascial release techniques and self-reflective exercises designed to first help the practitioner truly understand the process for him or herself, through his or her own body, in order to become a more empathetic and effective therapist. This important book will enable bodywork and manual therapy practitioners to work more confidently, and more intuitively, with their clients.Imagine taking your car to a mechanic when the a€œcheck enginea€ light comes on. . . he wona#39;t just put a piece of black tape over ... This book aims to help you find, then live and work from, your core space: mental, emotional, physical, energetic.

Title:Freeing Emotions and Energy Through Myofascial Release
Author:Noah Karrasch, C. Norman Shealy
Publisher:Singing Dragon - 2012-01-15


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