Freelance English Teaching in Eastern Europe

Freelance English Teaching in Eastern Europe

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Freelance English Teaching in Eastern Europe a€“ A Perspective from R.P. features exclusive insights and anecdotes about living in E. Europe and working as a freelance English teacher - an exciting occupation for college students and graduates hoping to integrate into the local work force. It has 43 chapters including The Nature of Work and Qualifications; English the International Language; Outsourcing, Multinational Corporations and English; Eastern Europe Turns to English; Job Offers, Competition, and Cowboy Schools; the School Contract; Advertising; Combining Work With Travel and Entertainment; Impressions From a Different Culture, and Conditions, Resources, and Contract for Freelancing. Readers wona€™t find such an extensive, information-rich account of EFL work and social climate in the region in any other book, useful for teacher-traveler types who wish to broaden their horizons and combine work with travel, those wishing to learn about foreign culture, professional EFL teachers seeking to better informed, career-minded people who want to enrich their CV or resume, those wishing to be more competitive in the international job market, and any potential entrepreneurs for the ELT industry. Tutors and consultants who wish to venture into the E. European ELT market for the first time as freelancers should find the book invaluable.Most buyers approach cars older than two years with caution unless they know the owner. If youa#39;re willing to take a chance on something like a twelve-year-old model of the VW Golf (something that looks more like ... Between 2003 and 2005 the number of cars on Polish roads increased by 20% and traffic jams are commonanbsp;...

Title:Freelance English Teaching in Eastern Europe
Author:Christopher Stanling
Publisher:Cambridge Scholars Publishing - 2009-10-02


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