Fresh Off the Boat

Fresh Off the Boat

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NOW AN ORIGINAL SERIES ON ABC a€c a€œJust may be the best new comedy of [the year] . . . based on restaurateur Eddie Huanga€™s memoir of the same name . . . [a] classic fresh-out-of-water comedy.a€a€”People a€œBawdy and frequently hilarious . . . a surprisingly sophisticated memoir about race and assimilation in America . . . as much James Baldwin and Jay-Z as Amy Tan . . . rowdy [and] vital . . . Ita€™s a book about fitting in by not fitting in at all.a€a€”Dwight Garner, The New York Times NATIONAL BESTSELLER a€c NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY KIRKUS REVIEWS Assimilating aina€™t easy. Eddie Huang was raised by a wild family of FOB (a€œfresh off the boata€) immigrantsa€”his father a cocksure restaurateur with a dark past back in Taiwan, his mother a fierce protector and constant threat. Young Eddie tried his hand at everything mainstream America threw his way, from white Jesus to macaroni and cheese, but finally found his home as leader of a rainbow coalition of lost boys up to no good: skate punks, dealers, hip-hop junkies, and sneaker freaks. This is the story of a Chinese-American kid in a could-be-anywhere cul-de-sac blazing his way through Americaa€™s deviant subcultures, trying to find himself, ten thousand miles from his legacy and anchored only by his conflicted love for his family and his passion for food. Funny, moving, and stylistically inventive, Fresh Off the Boat is more than a radical reimagining of the immigrant memoira€”ita€™s the exhilarating story of every American outsider who finds his destiny in the margins. Praise for Fresh Off the Boat a€œBrash and funny . . . outrageous, courageous, moving, ironic and true.a€a€”New York Times Book Review a€œMercilessly funny and provocative, Fresh Off the Boat is also a serious piece of work. Eddie Huang is hunting nothing less than Big Game here. He does everything with style.a€a€”Anthony Bourdain a€œUproariously funny . . . emotionally honest.a€a€”Chicago Tribune a€œHuang is a fearless raconteur. [His] writing is at once hilarious and provocative; his incisive wit pulls through like a perfect plate of dan dan noodles.a€a€”Interview a€œAlthough writing a memoir is an audacious act for a thirty-year-old, it is not nearly as audacious as some of the things Huang did and survived even earlier. . . . Whatever he ends up doing, you can be sure it wona€™t look or sound like anything thata€™s come before. A single, kinetic passage from Fresh Off the Boat . . . is all you need to get that straight.a€a€”Bookforum From the Hardcover edition.a€œThe Prince is feelina#39; good today, son.a€ a€œOh, word? Whata#39;s really good?a€ a€œI was on Craigslist this morning and yo, Brooklyn Industries is hiring a manager!a€ a€œFor real ? Thata#39;s wassup. Need that paper. They hiring multiple managers orjust one?

Title:Fresh Off the Boat
Author:Eddie Huang
Publisher:Spiegel & Grau - 2013-01-29


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