Fretboard Theory

Fretboard Theory

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Fretboard Theory by Desi Serna teaches music theory for guitar including scales, chords, progressions, modes and more. Hands-on approach to theory gives you total command of the fretboard and music's most critical elements by visualizing shapes, patterns and how they connect. Content includes: How to learn and practice Pentatonic and Major scale patterns. Guitar CAGED system including chord inversions and arpeggio patterns. Guitar chord progressions and playing by numbers (Nashville Number System). Roots, keys and applying scales Understanding music modes and modal scales such as Ionian, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian and Locrian Playing and using intervals including thirds, fifths and sixths. Adding extensions such as qadd 9, q qsuspended 4, q and qmajor 7.q Not only does Fretboard Theory teach music theory in a refreshing new manner, but it takes things a step farther by associating everything to your favorite songs. This is the ONLY GUITAR THEORY RESOURCE that includes important details to hundreds of popular songs. Pop, rock, acoustic, blues, metal and more! This new generation of guitar instruction is perfect whether you want to jam, compose or just understand the music you play better. For acoustic and electric guitar players. Download a free preview at: Four chapters are also available on DVD. See: Getting Started with the Pentatonic Scale DVD CAGED Template Chord System DVD Guitar Chord Progressions and Playing By Numbers DVD Guitar Modes - The Modal Scales of Popular Music DVDThe Major Chords: I IVV A lot of popular music is based on the major chords I, IV and V. The simpler the song, the ... Musicians who are familiar with these sure-to- show-up chords are the ones who can anticipate the changes of a song ..... ( acoustic)a€ Eric Clapton. ... Chorus IV vi IVI (Bb) a€œHere I Am to Worshipa€ Tim Hughes.

Title:Fretboard Theory
Author:Desi Serna
Publisher:Desi Serna - 2008-11-01


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