From Dust to Snow: The African Dream?

From Dust to Snow: The African Dream?

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In this international version of From Dust to Snow, undertake the search for the African dream, and discover that the true African Dream is far bigger and more complex than the dreams that have propelled millions of Africans from their beloved continent. Journey with Fako Kilimanjaro, an African Renaissance Ambassador, through a panorama of more than forty unreserved testimonies from African students, asylum-seekers, and the employed in Europe and the United States. Contrast their stories with illuminating perspectives from non-Africans. Share their experiences from the moment the notion of travel abroad is embraced, through hardships, triumphs, formal and comic moments, to deportation, voluntary return, and re-entry shock. By the end of this book, the nature and character of your own dream could be reborn. Arise - for the Re-awakening of Mother Africa has begun, and it is intricately woven into the future of her children, humanity as a whole.In the US, there is a significant black middle class, whereas, in the UK there is still no viable black middle class; in British institutions, there is a distinct absence of ... Some reports say the average American has 7 credit cards, owing an average of $2500 per card. ... As a foreigner or new immigrant, you have no credit, and you are just as screwed (excuse my language) as if you had a bad credit report.

Title:From Dust to Snow: The African Dream?
Author:Lydia Ngwa, Wilfred Ngwa - 2006-12-01


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