From five fingers to infinity

From five fingers to infinity

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This book is an absorbing, entertaining, user-friendly account of one of the greatest adventures in human thought. It is a global survey of the history of mathematics. This work tells the astonishing story of the history of mathematics in 114 popular articles, presented in a chronological and thematic manner, with numerous illustrations.--[book jacket]A rigorous proof requires either a more modern idea of limit or the use of some form of the axiom of Archimedes. This axiom, which really ... Whether or not Hippasus discovered the existence of irrationals, and if so whether via studying the mystic pentagon or pentagram or a square, whether or not he proved this ... See Sir T. L. Heath, Manual of Greek Mathematics (Oxford: The Clarendon Press, 1931). 6.

Title:From five fingers to infinity
Author:Frank Swetz
Publisher:Open Court Pub Co - 1994-05-01


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