From Mass to Universal Education

From Mass to Universal Education

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precise, appeared until the recent crisis - to many Americans from the East of America's America, as the whole of America seemed to Europeans of a century ago: extreme and strange, full of violent contrasts, contradictory, over-advanced, neo primitive and savage, a land where everything is possible, the hippies and the religious-political fundamentalism of the Orange County, Marcuse, Angela Davis and Norman Brown, Esalen, the new consciousness. Alan Watts and Carlos Castaneda, as well as Patricia Hearst and the Sym bionese Liberation Army, Richard Nixon and his men, the Satan religion, outrageous crimes such as that of the Manson qfamilyq and incredibly scan dalous business deals. For better or worse, California appears as a sort of preview of the European society of the future: the land of the Western World with the greatest immigration and population growth, with enormous cities which in the textbooks of your childhood were hardly even mentioned, e.g. Los Angeles, or were not mentioned at all, as in the case of San Diego and San Jose, a considerable urban development which has taken place almost overnight.While there are only two state college extension centers, one in San Francisco and a new center at the California State ... In 1969-1970, the total budget generated from tuition fees was $3.5 million. ... to use government resources; San Diego State, in cooperation with the University of California and the City of San Diego, anbsp;...

Title:From Mass to Universal Education
Author:G. Benveniste, Charles Benson
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2012-12-06


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