From Sinsemilla to Sins Forgiven

From Sinsemilla to Sins Forgiven

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Johnny Zapata had always lived a simple life as the son of migrant workers during the 1960s and 1970sa€”until a month and ten days after his sixteenth birthday. Already a high school dropout and a newlywed, Johnny took a job in a tree nursery in Illinois without knowing he was embarking on a wild adventure that would change his life forever. Johnny bought a magazine with an ad on witchcraft on a whim and began studying occultism, every single thing he wished for came to fruition for hima€”one being money. With the help of a coworker, Johnnya€™s desire for wealth eventually led him down a dark path into the world of drugs and a new substancea€”the highly potent marijuana known as Mexican red hair sinsemilla. As Johnny began dealing sinsemilla, he was somehow protected by Goda€™s handa€”until the fateful day when his choices finally caught up with him. From Sinsemilla to Sins Forgiven shares the true story of one mana€™s walk through the unforgiving world of drugs as he learned the true meaning of adversity, redemption, and Goda€™s unconditional love.First gear was nice, but second gear was even better. Once my dad heard the motorcycle engine sound like I needed to shift again, he motioned me to stop. Before I reached the spot where he was, he reminded me, a€œMake sure you alwaysanbsp;...

Title:From Sinsemilla to Sins Forgiven
Author:Johnny Zapata
Publisher:iUniverse - 2013-09-30


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