Full Upright and Locked Position: The Insider's Guide to Air Travel

Full Upright and Locked Position: The Insider's Guide to Air Travel

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qSit back, relax, and enjoy the flight, q our pilots still intone. But who are they kidding? Former FAA chief counsel and senior aviation policy official Mark Gerchick unravels the unseen forces and little-known facts that have reshaped our air travel experience since September 11, 2001. With wry humor and unique insight, Gerchick takes us past the jargon, technicalities, and all-is-well platitudes to expose the new normal of air travel: from the packed planes and myriad hassles of everyday flying to the alchemy of air fares, the airlinesa€™ endless nickel-and-diming, and the elusive hope of escape from steerage. We find out what pilots do in the cockpit, whata€™s really worth worrying about when it comes to airline safety, and why we get sick on planes. Meanwhile, Gerchick ponders the jarring disconnect between our quaint expectations of qservice with a smileq and the grim reality of cramped seats, no-free-lunch, and qwatch-yer-knees.q With sympathy for both fliers and airlines, Gerchick shows how the new qbusiness-all-businessq airline industry has finally learned to make money, even in the face of crushing fuel costs, and get millions of travelers where theya€™re going every day safely and quickly. From his singular vantage point as former aviation regulator and policymaker, Gerchick gives us a straightforward insidera€™s view of how hard it is for government to improve the travelera€™s lot by explaining the vagaries of consumer protection rules as well as the political realities and the economic forces at work. While Gerchick offers reasons to hope for a better future in air travel, he presents an unvarnished look at what we can expecta€”good and bada€”when we take to the skies. Some of it will reassure you, some will make you cringe, but all will open your eyes to what it means to fly today.asse.org/professionalsafety/docs/Extras_HoldenTable1_1209.pdf, December2009. ______.a€œa#39;Most Wanteda#39; ... ______. a€œReport toTransportation Secretary Mary E. Peters on American Airlines MD80 Groundings.a€ May2, 2008. ______.

Title:Full Upright and Locked Position: The Insider's Guide to Air Travel
Author:Mark Gerchick
Publisher:W. W. Norton & Company - 2013-06-10


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