Fun and Games

Fun and Games

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The use of computing technology for entertainment purposes is not a recent p- nomenon. Video game consoles, home computers and other entertainment media have been used widely for more than three decades, and people of all ages are spe- ing an increasing amount of time and money on these technologies. More recent is the rise of a vibrant research community focusing on gaming and entertainment applications. Driven by the growth and the coming of age of the g- ing industry, and by its increasing recognition in the media and the minds of the broader public, the study of computer games, game development and experiences is attracting the interest of researchers from very diverse fields: social sciences, comp- ing, electrical engineering, design, etc. Research of this kind looks to extend the boundaries of gaming technologies. In a relentless drive for innovation, it looks to create and understand an ever increasing range of experiences, and examine how games can provide value for educational, therapeutic and other a€˜seriousa€™ purposes. These themes were reflected in the call for participation and eventually the papers accepted for presentation. The Fun na€™ Games conference was the second event of a bi-annual series of c- ferences. The first event of the series was held in Preston in 2006 organized by the University of Central Lancashire. Following the success of this event it was decided to run a follow up.Rotational Dynamics for Design of Bidirectional Feedback during Manual Interaction Roderick Murray-Smith1, 2 and Steven ... application, using twisting and tilting motions to drag and drop content, where users perceived the effect of varying the parameters of the simulated dynamic system. ... SonyEricssona#39;s W580i, W910i mobile phones allow you to shake to shuffle your music, or change tracks.

Title:Fun and Games
Author:Panos Markopoulos, Wijnand IJsselsteijn, Duncan Rowland
Publisher:Springer - 2008-10-08


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