Fun Inc.: Why Gaming Will Dominate the Twenty-First Century

Fun Inc.: Why Gaming Will Dominate the Twenty-First Century

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a€œAn ambitious overview of the videogaming industry, from its beginning to todaya€™s immersive online games.a€a€”Wall Street Journal Despite the recession, video games continue to break recordsa€”and command unprecedented amounts of media coverage. The U.S. is the worlda€™s biggest video games market and manufacturer, with a market now worth over $20 billion annually in software and hardware salesa€”more than quadruple its size in the mid 1990s. World of Warcraft now boasts over 11 million players worldwide, and over $1 billion per year in revenues. Gaming is flourishing as a career and a creative industry as well. 254 U.S. colleges and universities in 37 states now offer courses and degrees in computer and video game design, programming and art. Video games are increasingly for everyone: 68% of American households now play computer or video games, while the average game player is 35 years old and has been playing games for twelve years. Against the popular image, too, 43% of online U.S. game players are female. The U.S. military alone now spends around $6 billion a year on virtual and simulated training programs, based around video games and virtual worlds. The budgets for developing the biggest games can now top the $100 million mark and are snapping up some of the biggest names in filma€”from Stephen Spielberg to Peter Jackson.It wona#39;t be long before the first games are released for ebook readers like Amazona#39;s Kindle: the idea of any media platform in possession of a ... is not so much competition from PCs as the more radical possibility of removing most of the hardware from the homes of individual consumers entirely. Much like a#39;cloud computinga#39;, where the remote use of powerful central computers via the internet is alreadyanbsp;...

Title:Fun Inc.: Why Gaming Will Dominate the Twenty-First Century
Author:Tom Chatfield
Publisher:Pegasus Books - 2011-12-15


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