Fundamentals of Object Databases

Fundamentals of Object Databases

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This monograph presents the fundamentals of object databases, with a specific focus on conceptual modeling of object database designs. After an introduction to the fundamental concepts of object-oriented data, the monograph provides a review of object-oriented conceptual modeling techniques using side-by-side Enhanced Entity Relationship diagrams and Unified Modeling Language conceptual class diagrams that feature class hierarchies with specialization constraints and object associations. These object-oriented conceptual models provide the basis for introducing case studies that illustrate the use of object features within the design of object-oriented and object-relational databases. For the object-oriented database perspective, the Object Data Management Group data definition language provides a portable, language-independent specification of an object schema, together with an SQL-like object query language. LINQ (Language INtegrated Query) is presented as a case study of an object query language together with its use in the db4o open-source object-oriented database. For the object-relational perspective, the object-relational features of the SQL standard are presented together with an accompanying case study of the object-relational features of Oracle. For completeness of coverage, an appendix provides a mapping of object-oriented conceptual designs to the relational model and its associated constraints.q--P. [4] of cover.The Postgres Data Model. ... The Unified Modeling Language Reference Manual (2nd Edition), Addison-Wesley, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey, 2004. ... In Transactions on Database Systems, vol. 2, no. 2, June 1977. DOI: 10.1145/ 320544.320546 27 M. Stonebraker, L. Rowe, B. Lindsay, J. Gray, M. Carey, M. Brodie, anbsp;...

Title:Fundamentals of Object Databases
Author:Suzanne W. Dietrich, Susan D. Urban
Publisher:Morgan & Claypool Publishers - 2011


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