Future Cost of Today's Religion

Future Cost of Today's Religion

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The Christian Reconstructionists formed an alliance with the Bush regime to convert the U.S. to Biblical rule. The Bush Christian alliance's vision is to prepare the world for Armageddon. No war, terror or torture is to extreme to impede progress of their vision. The alliance plans are secret. The destruction of the environment, the elimination of professional and union jobs, the elimination of public education, the disrespect for the fine arts and intellectual activities, the return of sexual discrimination and limitation of women's rights, the focusing of hatred on gays and immigrants, the diversion of attention by use of terrorist alert levels, and the labeling of all free thinking as liberal and dangerous are all part of the Bush regime and characteristic of past fascist regimes. The Bush administration uses the large numbers of Christian in the U.S. as a mandate for the church-state alliance. The mutual benefits for church and state makes fascism tough to break. If you enjoyed the alliance's conservative agenda, will you enjoy forced participation execution by public stoning for sins? How do we fight back and end oppression peacefully? What is the role of Universities? Can we organize to give future generations a free democracy?Applications for a doctorate in philosophy in theology are processed through departmental and university requirements. These are similar to but not the same as other PhD programs. Present criteria are set by program directors, who carryanbsp;...

Title:Future Cost of Today's Religion
Author:Lawrence Allen
Publisher:iUniverse - 2006-08


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