Future Lost: A Cybernetic Sci-Fi Role Playing Game

Future Lost: A Cybernetic Sci-Fi Role Playing Game

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Dark Future is a science fiction sourcebook that gives players a chance to step into a possible future where America has fallen and immoral corporations have divided up a once great nation. The cities of the new qcorporate-nationsq are divided further into large gated communities that shelter the wealthy and powerful behind high tech and heavily armed security. Meanwhile the poor are cast out into qother-citiesq, lawless ghettos where gangs, crime and violence are a way of life. It contains 276 pages with 9 classes, 27 prestige classes, as well as new skills and skill uses, feats, original psychic powers, unique equipment, firearms and complete new rules for cybernetic augmentation and cybernetic systems. The book also contains a world description of the powers that be: international corporations, merciless gangs, military research facilities, fanatical religious sects and tyrannical government bodies.Average Citizens Chaotic Good This alignment represents someone who feels good is more important than law and they ... Lawful Evil This alignment represents someone who has evil ends but follows a strict code oflaws in achieving them.

Title:Future Lost: A Cybernetic Sci-Fi Role Playing Game
Author:Vincent Venturella
Publisher:Lulu.com - 2005-06


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