Future Tense

Future Tense

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AsThe New Criterionembarks on its fourth decade of publication, the magazine commemorates its commitment to the civilizing values of informed criticism with the publication ofFuture Tense: The Lessons of Culture in an Age of Upheaval. Many observers assume that our culture is living through one of those a€œworld historical momentsa€ that Hegel talked about: a plastic moment when many of the traditional assumptions about the shape and future of the culture are suddenly in play. The Pax Americana of the last fifty or sixty years looks oddly fragile, the expectations about the economy and Americaa€™s role in the world may well be challenged in fundamental ways in the coming decades. InFuture Tense, each essay writer steps back to reflect on where we are as a culture: to meditate not only on the many challenges we face but also on some traditional sources of strength that we may have unfairly neglected or underestimated. The booka€™s aim is partly to provide a cultural pathologista€™s report on America and the Westa€™s recent trajectory, but also to provide some tonic admonitory counsel about recapturing the civilizational vitality that seems in many respects to have ebbed away. Future Tenseincludes essays by Michael J. Lewis, Victor Davis Hanson, Andrew Roberts, David Bentley Hart, Kevin D. Williamson, Anthony Daniels, Charles Murray, James Panero, Andrew C. McCarthy, and Roger Kimball. Taken together, they reaffirmThe New Criteriona€™s commitment to fostering the enabling resources of tradition, the abiding claims of the a€œcommon culturea€ T. S. Eliot fought resolutely to preserve.Today, the word aquot;democracyaquot; and its cognates are often used as fancy synonyms for mediocrity. When we read about plans to aquot;democratizeaquot; ... Democracy is a high-maintenance form of government. Freedom requires disciplined restraint andanbsp;...

Title:Future Tense
Author:Roger Kimball
Publisher:Encounter Books - 2013-10-10


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