Game Theory

Game Theory

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qSteve Tadelis's qGame Theoryq is an ideal textbook for advanced undergraduates, and great preparation for graduate work. It provides a clear, self-contained, and rigorous treatment of all the key concepts, along with interesting applications; it also introduces key technical tools in a straightforward and intuitive way.q--Drew Fudenberg, Harvard University qSteven Tadelis is a leading scholar in applied game theory, and his expertise shines through in this excellent new text. Aimed at intermediate to advanced undergraduates, it presents and discusses the theory remarkably clearly, at both the intuitive and formal levels. One novel feature I like is its serious consideration of the decision theoretic foundations of game theory. Another is its transparent presentation of relatively recent topics and applications, such as reputations in asymmetric information games, legislative bargaining, and cheap talk communication.q--Steve Matthews, University of Pennsylvania qSteve Tadelis has written an up-to-date, comprehensive, yet reader-friendly introductory textbook to game theory. He explains difficult concepts in an exceptionally clear and simple way, making the book accessible to students with a minimal background in mathematics. The abundance of examples and illustrations, drawing from economics, political science, and business strategy, not only shows the wide range of applications of game theory, but also makes the book attractive and fun to read. Tadelis's book will undoubtedly become a reference textbook for a first course in game theory.q--Francis Bloch, ecole Polytechnique qThese days, game theory plays an essential role not only in economics, but in many other branches of social and engineering science, as well as philosophy, biology, psychology, even law. In all these disciplines, students and instructors alike should welcome this excellent resource for mastering the key tools of modern game theory.q--Peter Hammond, University of Warwick qIt's hard to write a game theory textbook that strikes a good balance between precision and accessibility. But Steve Tadelis has accomplished this juggling act, with style and humor besides.q--Eric S. Maskin, Nobel Laureate in Economics, Harvard University qGame theory is a powerful tool for understanding strategic behavior in business, politics, and other settings. Steve Tadelis's text provides an ideal guide, taking you from first principles of decision theory to models of bargaining, auctions, signaling, and reputation building in a style that is both rigorous and reader-friendly.q--Jonathan Levin, Stanford University qqGame Theoryq fills a void in the literature, serving as a text for an advanced undergraduate--or masters-level class. It has more detail than most undergraduate texts, while still being accessible to a broad audience and stopping short of the more technical approach of PhD-level texts. This is a valuable book, written by a meticulous scholar who is an expert in the field.q--Matthew O. Jackson, author of qSocial and Economic Networksq qThis is a great text, just at the right level for fourth-year undergraduates. The style is just right and the exercises are of high quality. Flow and organization are major strengths of the book--I can follow the text almost as is for the class I teach.q--Luca Anderlini, Georgetown University qAlcohol Consumption: Recall the example in which you needed to choose how much to drink. ... follows: Make, model, and year Price Toyota Corolla 2002 $9, 350 Toyota Camry 2001 10, 500 Buick LeSabre 2001 8, 825 Honda Civic 2000 9, 215anbsp;...

Title:Game Theory
Author:Steve Tadelis
Publisher:Princeton University Press - 2013-01-01


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