Games As A Service

Games As A Service

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The games industry is serious business and the role of a games designer has dramatically changed over just the last few years. Developers now have to rethink everything they know about the creative, technical and business challenges to adapt to the transition to games as a service. Games as a Service: How Free to Play Design Can Make Better Games has been written to help designers overcome many of the fears and misconceptions surrounding freemium and social games. It provides a framework to deliver better games rather than the a€˜evila€™ or a€˜manipulativea€™ experiences some designers fear with the move away from wasteful Products to sustainable, trustworthy Services. Oscar Clark is a consultant and Evangelist for Everyplay from Applifier. He has been a pioneer in online, mobile and console social games services since 1998 including Wireplay (British Telecom), Hutchison Whampoa (3UK) and PlayStationArHome. He is a regular columnist on PocketGamer.Biz and is an outspoken speaker and moderator at countless games conferences on Games Design, Discovery, and Monetisation. He is also a notorious hat wearer.How Free to Play Design Can Make Better Games Oscar Clark ... Butevenwith this, the first iPhone doesna#39;tcount in my mind. The really important stuff came inwith the iPhone 3G and an almost incidental release Apple made the same day .

Title:Games As A Service
Author:Oscar Clark
Publisher:CRC Press - 2014-02-05


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