Gas Smarts

Gas Smarts

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Do you get that sinking feeling that you are wasting cash whenever you're driving? Are you sick of gasoline prices increasing whenever gasoline companies feel like it? Are you becoming increasingly aware of how your car's gas usage is negatively impacting the environment? If you answered qyesq to any of these questions, this is the right book to crown you the king of your own road to savings. Author Ron Weiers's priceless advice guarantees to save you money in all facets of your driving. Whether you're behind the wheel, planning your next trip, researching a new vehicle, or considering adding aftermarket accessories to your car, this book has the information you need to drive efficiently, safely, and as inexpensively as possible.The light is bright, ita#39;s annoying, and it stays on constantly even though your car seems to be running fine. ... A blinking a€œCheck Enginea€ light should never be ignored, as it may be trying to tell you that something is very wrong and that you should pull over and shut down as soon and ... One of the easiest and most important things you can do to maintain efficiency is to open the hood and check the levelsanbsp;...

Title:Gas Smarts
Author:Ronald M. Weiers PhD
Publisher:F+W Media, Inc. - 2011-04-18


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