Gay & Lesbian Medical Rights

Gay & Lesbian Medical Rights

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Synopsis: Gay a Lesbian Medical Rights is a comprehensive guide to you and your partner's rights in the medical system. Written in a straightforward, easy-to-understand style, this long-awaited title provides all the information you need to protect yourself and your partner during routine medical care, an illness or crisis, and when planning for the future. It covers a range of issues important to every gay person, his or her partner, and family, including: Telling your doctor you are gay or lesbian -- Partner notification laws -- Policies concerning blood, organ, and sperm donations -- Finding GLBT-friendly therapists, couples therapists and addiction-treatment facilities -- Ways to get financial assistance for medical care -- Finding and qualifying for drug trials -- Accessing infertility treatment -- Gay a Lesbian Medical Rights goes on to explain how to protect your rights using health care directives, living wills, hospital visitation authorizations, wills, emergency contact cards, DNRs, assisted suicide, powers of attorney, and HIPAA consents. Financial concerns-including health insurance, long-term care insurance, and your partners' responsibility for medical bills are also discussed. You'll also learn about your partner's rights with regard to end-of-life concerns (autopsies, hospice, funeral and burial), life insurance, retirement-plan beneficiaries, transferring assets, and family leave/bereavement leave. A special section covers rights regarding children-how to authorize treatment for a child who isn't legally yours, how to choose a guardian, how to take family leave when a child joins your family, and much more. Specific information is also provided for seniors and TG individuals about their particular medical rights and concerns. Gay a Lesbian Medical Rights is the essential guide that will answer all of your questions, including many you never would have thought to ask!G Broward County, Florida has a preference for contractors that offers equal benefits. G Miami Beach, Florida G ... Check with your human resource department to find out what is required, or look in your employee manual. Getting healthanbsp;...

Title:Gay & Lesbian Medical Rights
Author:Brette McWhorter Sember
Publisher:Career Press - 2007


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