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Q: How do geckos walk across ceilings? A: Millions of hair-like setae on each foot. Q: Where do geckos come from? A: Throughout the world. Usually where ita€™s warm. Q: How many species of geckos are there? A: Close to 1, 500 and counting! Q: What do they eat? A: Insects mostly. Discover the biology, natural history, and diversity of geckosa€”the acrobatic little lizards made famous by a car insurance ad campaign. Lizard biologist and gecko expert Aaron Bauer answers deceptively simple questions with surprising and little-known facts. Readers can explore color photographs that reveal the natural wonder and beauty of the gecko form and are further informed by images of how geckos live in their natural habitats. Although written for nonexperts, Geckos also provides a carefully selected bibliography and a new list of all known species that will be of interest to herpetologists. Anyone who owns a gecko, has seen them in the wild, or has wondered about them will appreciate this gem of a book.The Animal Answer Guide Aaron M. Bauer. Chapter. 12. a€œGeckologya€. Who. studies. geckos? Although people are interested in geckos and study captives in their own homes for personal enjoyment, there are not many ... Systematists also use data from morphology and from DNA sequences to construct phylogenetic trees, or hypotheses of ... Still others focus on sensory biology or reproductive biology.

Author:Aaron M. Bauer
Publisher:JHU Press - 2013-02-05


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