Gender Integration in NATO Military Forces

Gender Integration in NATO Military Forces

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Numerous states have passed gender integration legislation permanently admitting women into their military forces. As a result, states have dramatically increased womena€™s numbers, and improved gender equality by removing a number of restrictions. Yet despite changes and initiatives on both domestic and international levels to integrate gender perspectives into the military, not all states have improved to the same extent. Some have successfully promoted gender integration in the ranks by erasing all forms of discrimination, but others continue to impede it by setting limitations on equal access to careers, combat, and ranks. Why do states abandon their policies of exclusion and promote gender integration in a way that womena€™s military participation becomes an integral part of military force? By examining twenty-four NATO member states, this book argues that civilian policymakers and military leadership no longer surrender to parochial gendered division of the roles, but rather support integration to meet the recruitment numbers due to military modernization, professionalization and technological advancements. Moreover, it proposes that increased pressure by the United Nations to integrate gender into security and NATO seeking standardization and consistency on the international level, and womena€™s movements on the domestic level, are contributing to greater gender integration in the military.... sex symbols In.a€ NPR MorningEdition, december 3, 2008. transcripts of the show available at: templates/story/story.php? ... The Global Construction of Gender: Home-Based Work in the Political Economy. new york: columbia University Press, 1999. ... new york: United nations research Institute for social development occasional Paper no.4, 1995. reanda, laura. ... a€œWomen in the sphere of Masculinity: the double-edged sword of Womena#39;s Integration in the Military.

Title:Gender Integration in NATO Military Forces
Author:Dr Lana Obradovic
Publisher:Ashgate Publishing, Ltd. - 2014-07-28


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