General Chemistry Workbook

General Chemistry Workbook

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This workbook is a comprehensive collection of solved exercises and problems typical to AP, introductory, and general chemistry courses, as well as blank worksheets containing further practice problems and questions. It contains a total of 197 learning objectives, grouped in 28 lessons, and covering the vast majority of the types of problems that a student will encounter in a typical one-year chemistry course. It also contains a fully solved, 50-question practice test, which gives students a good idea of what they might expect on an actual final exam covering the entire material.... an acid-base titration To calculate the concentration of a starting solution or the purity of a sample in an acid-base titration ... Before you start studying the worked examples, you should be able to formulate answers to the questions below.

Title:General Chemistry Workbook
Author:Daniel C. Tofan - 2010-07-28


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