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This book contains selected contributions from the geoENV96 - First European Conference on Geostatistics for Environmental Applications, held in Lisbon in November 1996. This is the first of a geoENV series of biennial planned books. The series is intended to show the state of the art of geostatistics in environmental applications with new cases, results and relevant discussions from leading researchers and practitioners around the world. New and important theoretical and practical developments of geostatistics in the environmental field were compiled from three main areas: Hydrology, Groundwater and Groundwater Contamination Soil Contamination and Site Remediation Air Pollution, Ecology and Other Applications The book presents a set of geostatistical tools and approaches used to successfully resolve a variety of specific problems in environment modelling, especially those resulting from the typical scarcity of spatial sampling, the time component of very dynamic systems, the modelling of various systems of contaminants, the uncertainty assessment of health cost functions, etc. Prominent topics concerning methodological tools and methods, stochastic simulation techniques, models of integrating soft information (seismic and remote sensing images), inverse modelling of groundwater flow, neural network classification, change of support and up-scaling are also included in this book. This publication will be of great interest and practical value to geostatisticians working both in universities and in industry.usera#39;s manual. Deutsch, C.V. and A.G. Journel (I992): GSLIB, Geostatistical Software Library and Usera#39;s Guide. Oxford University Press, New York. ... McDonald, M.C. and A.W. Harbaugh (1988): MODFLOW, A modular three- dimensional finite difference ground-water flow model. ... PhD thesis, Verlag Sehelfly aamp; Jeep, pp.

Title:GeoENV I
Author:Amílcar Soares, Jaime Gómez-Hernández, Roland Froidevaux
Publisher:Kluwer Academic Pub - 1997


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