Geoparsing Early Modern English Drama

Geoparsing Early Modern English Drama

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The way people came to think about spatiality changed dramatically between 1550 and 1630 as a result of considerable social, economic, and political reformulation. Geoparsing Early Modern English Drama addresses the overarching question of how cultural and political attachments are actively mediated through space to affect representations of geography and landscape in early modern English drama. Breaking new ground, Monica Matei-Chesnoiu uses the geoparsing technique in computer science to assign spatial coordinates to in-text geographic references and the Moebius strip mathematical symbol to visualize the distorted symmetry and paradox involved in theatrical performance. Distilling the experience of lived space as dramatic experience, this book offers a new approach to the way people feel and relate to their environment across time and reveals a horizon of possibilities.... this book traces the transition from geographic, cosmographic, and cartographic representations of space to theatrical action. ... Second, the book explores the influence of early modern geographic theories and cartographic practices on theanbsp;...

Title:Geoparsing Early Modern English Drama
Author:Monica Matei-Chesnoiu
Publisher:Palgrave Macmillan - 2015-03-12


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