George Washington Jones

George Washington Jones

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The West is symbolized by America's romance with the cowboy rancher. We admire his independence, and reliance on his own skills and abilities. This historical novel depicts those settlers of the Wild West, whose calming influence on the calamities indigenous to that area, led to our modern day ranchers. The adventures of the Jones family, who, in the late 1940's find themselves the owners of a horse ranch, in Wyoming's hard-bitten, arid and unforgiving ranch country, and how they cope with the problems and the joys of operating a ranch, is the gist of this book. Their success is based on a mother lode of can-do training, and a respect for their Christian heritage morality. They create an economically viable ranch, from the sand and rock of Wyoming's federal range, but their livelihood is endangered, not by the gunslinger, but by the American bureaucracy. The book poses the question, would an American government willfully destroy the free enterprise, ranching segment of American society, like the Jones ranch, because it does not fit in with the plans of an environmentalist controlled Secretary of the Interior? It is a David and Goliath story, depicting America's use of federal storm troopers, and an unlimited quantity of power and money, in removing our Wyoming ranchers from their way of life.A board member intoned, a€œNo wonder our history books now show King George winning the Revolutionary War. ... and a#39;Prentiss-Halla#39; school textbooks, which were to be used in sixth grade a#39;World Culturea#39;; seventh grade a#39;Texas Historya#39;; eighth grade and high ... text left out the Aztec, and Mayan, practices of forced labor, human sacrifices, and carving out their opponents hearts, while they were still alive.

Title:George Washington Jones
Author:Ronald Runge
Publisher:iUniverse - 2005-03


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