Getting Older & Healthier

Getting Older & Healthier

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The good news is people are living longer. The bad news is people are living longer. This may be a strange statement but what is the advantage of living longer if you are not healthy enough to enjoy the time. Never before has the food industry used so many fertilizers, pesticides and chemicals to grow our food supplies. The result is more disease, cancer, heart attacks and diabetes to name a few. Again, what is the point of living longer if we spend our hard earned pensions on medical care? I for one would rather jump off a cliff than spend much time in a hospital or nursing home. The really good news is that we have knowledge and access to great organic superfoods and there is no reason we should not be healthy until we die. With the right advice and practices, you can now be a€œhealthiera€ at a cellular level than were in your early 30a€™sA complete guide to aging like a guru! ... Take a Pilates, yoga, or tai chi class. You can do this work on ... I would suggest that beginners, and even more experienced Pilates or yoga people will get more out of the workout if you do it in a group.

Title:Getting Older & Healthier
Author:Neil McHugh
Publisher:Aardvark Global Publishing - 2014-09-01


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