Getting Started in Photography & Sony A100: Great Starter DSLR

Getting Started in Photography & Sony A100: Great Starter DSLR

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In 'Getting Started in Photography, q Photographer and writer Shawn M. Tomlinson creates a quick guide to help budding photographers. The book includes equipment advice, exercises for becoming better, photo processing basics and more. From the book: qWhat anyone starting out needs is, well, a starting point. Some basic information about equipment and technique to get everything moving. And, hey, I'm here to help.q In part two, 'Great Starter DSLR: Revisiting the Sony A100, ' he takes an in-depth look at the camera and continues his series devoted to helping budding photographers get started without breaking the bank. In this case, Tomlinson considers the first Sony DSLR, the A100. From the book: qAfter waiting the proper mourning time for Minolta - about a year - Sony took the black armband off and unveiled its first DSLR, the A100. And why is this important now? It's vitally important if you are a beginning photographer and want to get a great DSLR and great lenses that won't mortgage your house.qThe instruction manual for your DSLR, which you probably wona#39;t read, has all the basics for setting up your camera. Ia#39;m going to give you a quick setup guide here, with some things that will move you along more rapidly toward being aanbsp;...

Title:Getting Started in Photography & Sony A100: Great Starter DSLR
Author:Shawn M. Tomlinson - 2015-07-19


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