Gifts of the Holy Spirit and How to Use Them

Gifts of the Holy Spirit and How to Use Them

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qThe Gifts of the Holy Spirit Have rested like a Dormant Volcano for too long in the Body of Christ a€”The Church. Now Join Gebru Woldu A World wide known Evangelist and Teacher of the Word of God as He explores the vast and wonderful realms of the gifts of the Holy Spirit listed by the apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 12:7-11.This book Guides to understanding the gifts of the Holy spirit examining the Old and the New Testament teachings to find an an answer to the questions about What the gifts are and how to use them... Are they for today? How do you receive them? How do you minister using this gifts? And above all it is explained how to discern or judge any message or experience whether it is from the Holy Spirit or not. The word of God and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit are the Most Important Tools to edify the church and to evangelize the world. So it is very important to know the Gifts and how to use them from the Word of God...This book deeply explains how the church uses the gifts, but before jumping right in, the Personality and deity of the Holy Spirit are addressed using through analysis of the Scriptures and some Descriptive graphs. Each of the gifts of the Spirit:a€”Speaking in tongues', Gift of interpretation of tongues, Prophesy, Word of Knowledge, Word of Wisdom, Gift of Discerning of Spirits, Gift of Healings, Gift of faith, and gift of doing miracles are compared contrasted and explained. We all know that Medicine is important to cure the sickness in the body. But if you don't use it according to the prescription it can destroy you. So the Gifts of the Spirit are very important but if we don't know how to use them properly , as it is written in the word of God. instead of edifying the body of Christ Satan can bring counterfeits to destroy the body of Christ. Gebru Insists all born again Christians seek the gifts, practice them today in the church properly, discern the messages and experiences and share with others the power of God wishes to give to those who seek Him. May the Lord put this word in your heart to minister and May He help you to this book to be on your library to be for the future generation.qMany tried to argue with Him, a€œbut they could not stand up against his wisdom or the Spirit by whom he spokea€ (v. 10). Word of wisdom ... God also revealed to Moses the man Bezalel, among others, whom He had filled with His Spirit, skill, ability and knowledge in all kinds of crafts to implement the ... The Holy Spirit sometimes guides our individual or corporate worship through the gift of word of wisdom.

Title:Gifts of the Holy Spirit and How to Use Them
Author:Gebru Woldu
Publisher:PublishAmerica - 2010-11-24


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