Give Me That Old Time Religion

Give Me That Old Time Religion

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Based on the authora€™s childhood this fictional novel is filled with spirituality and humor and gives the reader a glimpse into the world of a Baptist minister. Set in 1963, Rev. Shepard and his family move to Millington where he has been called to pastor the Great Saints Baptist Church. Millington is a small town that is racially divided by the river that runs through it. The whites occupy the towna€™s west side, while a community of influential Negroes occupy the east side. During this literary journey, the lives of the church members and townspeople are exposed and we bear witness to an adult world of scandal, secrets, and disgrace. Before he can get settled into his new position, Rev. Shepard is bombarded with the needs of church members. The timid Murlene Combs whose husband has fallen prey to the town whore, Magic, is in serious need of counselling. Other Millingtonites are Rev. Barry Nichols, whose love of himself makes him vulnerable to the temptations of Magic; the Higginsa€™ who struggle through an old family secret; Billy, the giggly kid who cannot maintain his composure during church; Sadie Green, the church secretary who is always complaining about her corns; the controversial Deacon Chester Hawkins; Smooth, the pimp from The Bottom; and a den of gossiping woman. Love and salvation emanate from the trials and tribulations of the denizens in Millington. While some are redeemed, the damned must pay the price for their sins.A truckload of Negroes, who had been doing some type of manual labor (and you could tellbyhow dirty andtired the men looked) came along. They stopped, pulled over, andsaw thatRay and hisfather were in a bind. a€œIt looks like you all couldanbsp;...

Title:Give Me That Old Time Religion
Author:Sheila D. Jackson
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2009-02-23


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