Global Manga

Global Manga

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Outside Japan, the term a€˜mangaa€™ usually refers to comics originally published in Japan. Yet nowadays many publications labelled a€˜mangaa€™ are not translations of Japanese works but rather have been wholly conceived and created elsewhere. This book takes seriously the political economy and cultural production of this so-called a€˜global mangaa€™ produced throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia and explores the conditions under which it arises and flourishes; what counts as a€˜mangaa€™ and who gets to decide; the implications of global manga for contemporary economies of cultural and creative labour; the ways in which it is shaped by or mixes with local cultural forms and contexts; and, ultimately, what it means for manga to be a€˜authenticallya€™ Japanese in the first place.... novels that convey cultural themes and narratives of Japan. second, i investigate the appropriation of a€œyaoia€ and a€œyuria€ ... Transmedia and Transcultural Fandom in Western countries, manga projects often emerge as cult comics that draw fananbsp;...

Title:Global Manga
Author:Dr Casey Brienza
Publisher:Ashgate Publishing, Ltd. - 2015-07-28


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