God Ran Out of Faces

God Ran Out of Faces

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qBespeaks of achievement. [...] In the presence of a Philip Reed story one senses the sheer fun he had in composing it. But it's not unusual for such a story to be many-layered and many-toned.q --Stephen Dunn, winner of the 2001 Pulitzer Prize for Poetry qPhilip Reed is the funniest American in the world.q --Ben Croshaw, creator of the Rob Blanc series of computer games and webmaster of fullyramblomatic.com Looking for owls? Inside you will learn important information about colors and shapes, and also: * the pratfalls of penguin-rearing * the romance of illiteracy * what not to do with somebody else's monkey * logistical impossibilities in authoring your own perfect mate * the socio-sexuality inherent in a game of ping pong * and the bravery of being a big fat liar. By Philip J Reed, VSc, author of qHer Life Will Be Set to Music.qI was thinking about Enrico, and how he never used to talk, and his accent, the way things just rolled off his tongue, and ... I thought about how she used to take off her shoes in my car when the weather was nice, and how she would look at me ... We pulled into the school parking lot and he reached over to turn the radio off.

Title:God Ran Out of Faces
Author:Phil Reed
Publisher:iUniverse - 2004-10


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