God's New Plan for the Holy Nation and the Past

God's New Plan for the Holy Nation and the Past

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Want to know about the future? About two decades in the making, the mission of this book- GODa€™S NEW PLAN FOR THE HOLY NATION AND THE PAST is to PROVE that KING David is a€œThe PAST, the PRESENT a the FUTURE, a€ and that he KNOWS the FUTURE. GODa€™S NEW PLAN PROVES that KING David is KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS. This book also PROVES that a€œTime Travela€ is possible, but NOT in the way people might THINK. GODa€™S NEW PLAN is an entirely NEW government built from scratch with the help of GOD. This book PROVES that several a€œLaws of the Universea€ are TRUE and this book is part of the apocalypse. GODa€™S NEW PLAN features over 400 pages and over 50 pages of a€œLaws.a€ This book contains the three parts of KING Davida€™s mission. This book gives readers a€œSpiritual Enlightenmenta€ and provides the a€œMission of the Beast and the False Profita€ and what they will do. GODa€™S NEW PLAN PROVES that a€œDivine Interventiona€ and a€œSpiritual Hearing a Seeinga€ are REAL and NOT a figment of the imagination. This book provides KING Davida€™s fantastic predictions, some of which may have ALREADY come TRUE. GODa€™S NEW PLAN also explains some of mankinda€™s most common questions, such as: the origin of man and the meaning of life. THE PAST features over 25 stories and contains many original characters. This book utilizes humor, action and adventure to make certain points regarding good verses- evil. Lucky and his friends are unique a€œProblem Solversa€ and succeed with great solutions when problems arise. THE PAST would also make a great movie or a few movies. This a€œClassic Literary Masterpiecea€ combines love, faith and teamwork into a collection of stories, children of all ages may enjoy. Please tell your friends and neighbors.Etc. The Sale of Firestone Tires, New Ford Explorers, or New Volvo Trucks to ANY of 2. this Nationa#39;s Peoplea€”1st offensea€”5 lashes, 2nda€”10, ... Etc. The Sale or Distribution of the Abortion Pill RU-486a€”The Owner or President of the 8.

Title:God's New Plan for the Holy Nation and the Past
Author:KING David
Publisher:iUniverse - 2011-11-18


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