Gods of Our Religion

Gods of Our Religion

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Gods of Our Religion is a very deliberate conversation offering a qfor realq look at the gods within America's Christian churches. Culture in America is evolving into a self-centered consumer mentality. It should be no surprise that the Christian churches in America, in an attempt to survive, are moving in the same direction. Whether you consider yourself a Christian, atheist, agnostic, Jew, Muslim, or other religious designations, Gods of Our Religion seeks to whet your appetite to know more about the inside of Christianity in America. Humanistic culture and internal competition are redefining America's qChristianq church world. Everyone believes something. If you believe in nothing, this nothing is the something in which you believe. Either way, something or nothing, one has to press into their belief system in order to overcome the contrasting winds blowing in both directions. America's Christian churches clearly illustrate the confusion that can occur when the cultural winds create a mixture of belief systems that supposedly have the same origin. But do they? Gods of Our Religion is a hard-hitting and very opinionated conversation. Though there may be proclamations of progressiveness by church leaders, attention to detail internally reveals the humanistic influence that has in many ways altered what was once a true and genuine spiritual experience. Many of the gimmicks, sermons, and methods used to promote life within the qABC Churchq lend themselves to creating religious waves dressed in attractive and colorful clothes, but with a growing spiritual deficit. There is no doubt external forces are at work against Christianity in America. But, there is a bigger internal conflict that is even more threatening.A new car, a new house, a new entertainment center, a new boat, a hot wife, a handsome husband, and a cool Savior. Somewhere ... If we believe Scripture, the Holy Spirit of God being a teacher and guide must mean something (John 14:26.) anbsp;...

Title:Gods of Our Religion
Author:Lawrence Crawford
Publisher:WestBow Press - 2013-09


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