Gold Rush Port

Gold Rush Port

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Described as a qforest of masts, q San Francisco's Gold Rush waterfront was a floating economy of ships and wharves, where a dazzling array of global goods was traded and transported. Drawing on excavations in buried ships and collapsed buildings from this period, James P. Delgado re-creates San Francisco's unique maritime landscape, shedding new light on the city's remarkable rise from a small village to a boomtown of thousands in the three short years from 1848 to 1851. Gleaning history from artifactsa€”preserves and liquors in bottles, leather boots and jackets, hulls of ships, even crocks of butter lying alongside discarded gunsa€”Gold Rush Port paints a fascinating picture of how ships and global connections created the port and the city of San Francisco. Setting the city's history into the wider web of international relationships, Delgado reshapes our understanding of developments in the Pacific that led to a world system of trading.In the California Gold Rush, large oceangoing craft transported goods from various production centers and ports that were linked by the ... Hardesty notes that the exchange of information, ideas, and symbols creates world systems structures.

Title:Gold Rush Port
Author:James P. Delgado
Publisher:Univ of California Press - 2009-03-04


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