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The most comprehensive biography of Barry Goldwater ever written is back by popular demand with a new foreword by Phyllis Schlafly and an updated introduction by the author. Lee Edwards renders a penetrating account of the icon who put the conservative movement on the national stage. Replete with previously unpublished details of his life, Goldwater established itself as the definitive study of the political maverick who made a revolution.51 Second, Goldwatera#39;s structured campaigning (limiting appearances to two or three big speeches a day in places where a€œthe ducks area€) was adopted by ... In the realm of ideas, Goldwater prepared the way for future candidates like liberal George McGovern in 1972, ... TV programs that focused on a single issue were copied nearly thirty years later by independent candidate Perot in his infomercials. ... come from all regions, every social class, every creed and color, all age groups.

Author:Lee Edwards
Publisher:Regnery Publishing - 2015-07-06


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