Gone with the Whim

Gone with the Whim

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Moving from hospitable Atlanta to provocative Las Vegas, Stefany Holmes must find her way in a new town. In this collection of short essays, she details the everyday experiences and landmark explorations as they unfold before her. She occasionally reminisces about the South while embracing her unexpected and newfound life in the Entertainment Capital of the World. Stefany celebrates the differences between two distinct slices of Americana, illustrates relationship dynamics, weaves in painless Vegas history, and muses of other things interesting and irrelevant. Stefany's inspired approach to storytelling blends stream-of-consciousness thoughts with a unique style of observation. Through wry humor and witty candor, she delivers a fresh and spirited tour of Sin City. and whatever else she feels like sharing. qHi, Sweetie. How many of these did you need me to buy?q-- Stefany's mom qThe only thing subtle about her is her insults.q -- Stefany's qDriverq qI bet this is a great sequel!q -- Said no one (yet) qGayle, where's our cooler? Book Club's taking a road trip to Vegas.q -- what Stefany thinks Oprah would say qHappiness is being on a plane with Wayne Newton.q -- StefanyNot all of these clubs are open every night. Most are closed Sunday and Monday, but some are ... You can reserve a table in advance, as well as order a€œbottle servicea€ for your table or private room. Otherwise, you standa€”this is much cheaper.

Title:Gone with the Whim
Author:Stefany Holmes
Publisher:iUniverse - 2014-04


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