Good Advice For The Young

Good Advice For The Young

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I consider my book a very rare book due to its various contents of subjects. This book entails many useful real-life experiences. Although its contents are so broad yet they are so fruitful that they overshadow any in-depth individual subject in math, science, or history. Although its contents may be short, they are packed with such powerful tools of knowledge in preparation of a field of lifetime experiences to come. This preparation can touch your soul, your sprit, and your conscience to prepare yourself for an in-depth training of real-life problems and solutions. Now you have the proper road to take, so just follow its path. This book was written to specifically help the young in focusing more intricately on subjects that schools dona€™t put enough emphasis on or give no interjection at all. These topics that I have written are in addition to your regular school subjects. It is to help you beware of lifea€™s expectancies. There are only two topics I did not include in this book which are just as important, and they are sex education and self-defense. I feel the schools have come a long way with better sex education, but not with self-defense because this might cause problems in a regular school environment. Therefore, with all the topics I mentioned in this book and whatever advice I have given you, it is of utmost importance to do further research and to learn what you can. Ia€™m asking you to use this book as a personal guide in your life as I would have used it if it existed when I was younger.Debt. and. Responsibility. Through your entire life, as soon as you become independent, you will always have the ... Another way to help you with credit card debt is to always try to triple or, at the very least, double your minimum payment.

Title:Good Advice For The Young
Author:John Palma
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2008-04-14


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