Gore Vidal

Gore Vidal

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Novelist, culture critic, essayist, historian, comic satirist, image maker, actor, homosexual, bisexual, controversial, confrontational - finding words to describe Gore Vidal is never difficult. And yet, an accurate picture of this multifaceted chameleon has eluded us until now. This book provides a biography of a literary icon.he had no doubt that Gone lViih the lVind distorted history and human nature, he found the book deeply absorbing, a dramatization of the sort that made history come alive. ... sat in that window embrasure, gazing out into the Washington distance, often looking down at the pages that were alive in his hands. ... For the sixth- and seventh-grade boys, the homeroom teacher dominated the long teaching day.

Title:Gore Vidal
Author:Fred Kaplan
Publisher:Bloomsbury Publishing - 2012-11-05


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