Great Expectations

Great Expectations

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As a result, there is little applicability internationally, even less interdisciplinary work, and at times, an outright bias against the market economy as such. The Commission Report, is even handed, tough minded, and frank in discussing how it is that social science and new social and technical forces do not always mesh. The optimism exuded is measured, but genuine. Great Expectations offers policy recommendations and scientific goals that can be serviceable not only in the United Kingdom, but in all advanced societies in which social research is a central component of economic stability and development. It is a superb reference volume enriched by original analysis and pungent, clear-headed writing. Members of the commission include: Professor David Rhind, Vice Chancellor of the City University served as Chairman of the Commission.... least because reducing many manual tasks will require investment in new information systems - but we welcome that development. ... Sabbatical leave is designed to provide some of this but is rare in many universities, is often funded by sharing ... We are therefore delighted with ESRCa#39;s plans for fellowships under the AIM scheme (Section 571) that will enable ... The second proposal is also to the government and the research councils but also necessarily involves the employers ofanbsp;...

Title:Great Expectations
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