Greece--The Hellenic Age (ENHANCED eBook)

Greece--The Hellenic Age (ENHANCED eBook)

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Greecea€”The Hellenic Age contains 12 full-color transparencies (print books) or PowerPoint slides (eBooks), 4 reproducible pages, and a richly detailed teacher's guide. Among the topics covered in this volume are Sparta, Athens, the Persian War, Athenian home life, Greek art, drama, architecture, philosophy, and education, the Greek gods, Olympic games, and the Peloponnesian Wars.Constantly challenging his studentsa#39; beliefs, he sought answers to such questions as, aquot;What is justice? ... Depending upon which of these instincts was strongest in him, man was directed either to seek material gain, honor and glory, ... GODS BACKGROUND INFORMATION: The earliest religion in Greece centered around the worship of mother earth, Gaea, ... Oceanus, god of the oceans, and Clymene, a goddess who possessed a strong link with humans and was also one of Apolloa#39;sanbsp;...

Title:Greece--The Hellenic Age (ENHANCED eBook)
Author:Marilyn Chase, Martha Kuhn
Publisher:Lorenz Educational Press - 1969-09-01


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